Angels in the Flesh and Devils in the Bone

May 1998

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Angels in the Flesh and Devils in the Bone

Floater delivers their most immense and ambitious album yet, following their enormously successful record, Glyph. Angels... is a conceptual album that explores a personal saga through the superb storytelling of singer/bass player Robert Wynia's lyrics, hypnotic vocals, and the band's bruising and primal rhythms. "Floater's third album finds them exploring their tripped-out, layered instrumentation they do so startlingly well, while moving even further into mesmerizing, melodic storytelling." —(Buzz Weekly)


  • Endless I
  • The Watching Song
  • American Theatric
  • The Feast
  • The Beast
  • Minister
  • Medicine Woman
  • Nothing
  • Mexican Bus
  • The Invitation
  • Golden Head
  • Settling
  • The Last Time
  • Our Hero's Resolve
  • Mosquito
  • The Possum's Funeral
  • Endless II


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