Brave The Strange

April 21, 2017

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Brave The Strange

With an acclaimed history as the front-man and creative force behind the renowned band Floater, Robert Wynia will release his second full length solo album, titled Brave the Strange, on April 21, 2017. The new album explores change, loss, and new beginnings, all with a luscious backdrop of warm strings, vintage keyboards, and rich, melodious vocals. Featuring some of the Pacific Northwest's best and most loved musicians, Brave the Strange delivers a unique and cinematic musical landscape. Songs ranging from roadhouse blues-style Americana to hypnotic ambient soundscapes to classic album rock flow seamlessly together and leave the listener wanting more.

Robert Wynia is based in Portland, Oregon, producing and performing acclaimed rock and pop music, and has influenced the Northwest music scene for over 20 years. Brave the Strange was recorded at Wynia's own Curiouser Studios, and Mazinga Studios in Portland and will be released on Cavity Search Records (Elliott Smith, Hazel, Heatmiser, and The Helio Sequence).


  • Dark Water
  • Anyone Home
  • Lost It
  • Down Among the Thornbushes
  • What I Leave Behind
  • Here I am
  • Sky Blue
  • No Ashes
  • The Ugly Ones
  • 1,000 Miles
  • The Only Way
  • Brave the Strange


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