Iron By Water

March 2011

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Iron By Water

With his debut solo release “Iron by Water,” Wynia creates an atmosphere of open plains, shadowed woods and remote towns, and fills those landscapes with hook-laden melodies of obsession, love and hope for redemption. This collection of songs weaves a tapestry in rhythms and film-score style music, with enough pop sensibility to keep the listener wanting more. The fusion of alt-country, pop, blues and rock is hard to pigeon-hole, but easy to lose yourself in from the first listen.

Recruiting the talents of some of the Northwest’s best known and most talented musicians, “Iron by Water” feels like a Tuesday Night Music Club that we would all love to sit in on. The deeply personal and heartfelt vocals move effortlessly from sparse guitar and voice songs like “Soapbox” to grand orchestral tidal waves of sound in songs like “Leaving” and all the while drawing you further and further in.

Sounds of somber cellos, French horns, violins, grand church organs, jubilant roadhouse pianos, mournful harmonica and lap steel guitars join each other seamlessly and follow the thread of Wynia’s signature voice. The drums and electric guitar often times sitting back and simply providing a comfortable canvas for the voice and other gathered instruments to paint.

Robert Wynia has been voted Favorite Male Performer on 3 different years in Eugene, Or. and nominated as Performer of the year in Portland, Or. His band, Floater, has achieved national recognition for its solid live performances, top selling albums, 2 preliminary Grammy nominations and sold out performances at some of the Western US’s best known concert halls.


  • Firefly
  • Testify
  • Only You
  • Two Dragonflies
  • No Compromise
  • Come To Me
  • How It Was Meant To Me
  • Soapbox
  • Lament
  • Warning Signs
  • Leaving
  • Cast Aside
  • The Frozen Ground


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